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Aiming for the stars


The most interesting and memorable presentations tell stories, infused with the speaker’s passion and real-life experiences.  Check out Al Gore’s TED presentation to see what I’m talking about.Al Gore at TED

So, when Medilink invited me to present a “master class” in human factors for medical devices, it was my opportunity to step up to the plate.

The timing was fantastic!

For the past 3 years I’d been learning about NLP and putting it into practice.  As part of my training, I needed to deliver a presentation that demonstrated all I’d learned as a Master Practitioner.  The topic was up to me, an ideal opportunity to create something out of the ordinary that I could also use for the master class.

I wove together three stories about how people interact with everyday objects and their usability. I added some images to fit with the stories, steering clear of “death by powerpoint”.  Along the way we talked about the main steps in getting human factors right and why it’s so important to a good medical device.

And the results….

  • I passed the Master Practitioner course with flying colours…
  • Feedback from the Medilink course attendees last November was entirely “very good” or “excellent”.

In fact, I’ve been invited back for a repeat of the master class later this year.  Perhaps you’d like to come along. It’s on 25th September, in Birmingham, here’s more information.


Adding eggs to your cake mix

Eggs play a very important role in a cake mix.

egg cake mix

Photo: Yucel Tellici

Eggs provide some of the structure that holds the cake together.

The yolk makes it richer and better-tasting, softening the texture too. The yolk also helps the other ingredients blend together.

Ever tasted an egg-free cake?


Heavy rain and travel chaos were no barrier to the curious souls who fought their way to the recent Medical Device Innovation Master Class, at Medilink West Midlands. I got caught out last time I travelled to Medilink – what should have been a 1 hour car journey took nearly 3 hours, mostly in Birmingham traffic! So, this time, the train took the strain.


In addition to exploring how Human Factors can best be added to the mix, the panel of experts covered a range of innovation topics, from commercial Click to continue…