As we draw towards the close of 2016, and because we’ve just reached our 10th anniversary, we’ve taken a look back at the great products with which we’ve been involved.  Obviously, protecting client confidentiality is very important to us, so you will not see company names and products mentioned.

43 clients have been helped with product development, by our team. They challenge us to unpick thorny problems, get inside the minds of users and guide them to create products that speak to those users, prepare products for new markets, all whilst ensuring they meet their legal obligations.  There’s never a quiet day for the team!

One thing all these companies have in common; a strong desire to improve and protect the quality of life for patients.
Companies in pharma that have chosen to work with us include:

– 3 of the top 5,
– mid-tier manufacturers,
– generic manufacturers,
– start-ups.

They’re typically based in either the EU or the US and look for answers to some tough questions.

Medical device developers who value our help range from some of the largest global companies through to a smaller regional or national players.

Product designers ask us to get involved during the early stages of development, often to support work for their clients.

Our team is proud of being involved in improving the lives of millions of people around the world.

You may be curious to see the types of product we’ve helped all these organisations develop and launch.  Come back to read our next article, which will be published in the next few days.