Developing medical devices that really meet users’ needs will give you a distinct competitive advantage. Following a robust development process that is focused upon the users shortens your time to market, reduces development costs and maximises the uptake of your product.
IMG_20150910_133403063_HDRRecently, we were invited to deliver, once again, our course “Incorporating Human Factors in your MedTech Design Process”. We previously had the pleasure of delivering the course with the support of Medilink, as part of their professional development programme. Our most recent event was tailored to meet the the needs of a product design client and held in-house for their complete design team.

“That was the best training we have ever had”

Throughout an intensive, action packed day, attendees learned how to deliver a more effective process for product development, incorporating ISO 62366:2015 alongside US and EU regulatory requirements. Delegates took away a tool-kit that enabled them to understand their product’s target user group(s), identify and mitigate risks effectively, make data based decisions and improve their products by incorporating robust market advantage features into design.

IMG_20150910_143517074_HDRFull immersion workshops are an integral feature of our seminars and this one was no exception, as you can see from these photos. Delegates experienced first hand some of the key steps in satisfying Human Factors requirements, from identifying User Needs right through to designing and executing a brief formative study!

“A great insight into the detail which is involved with the designing of a medical device”

Delegates left the event full of enthusiasm and keen to implement what they’d learned.

All of our professional development sessions can be run in-house and tailored to fit your specific needs. Examples of our recent sessions include medical device development, design controls and risk management.