I’m visiting Berlin in September, a city I’ve never even thought of travelling to before.  Apart from a chance to see somewhere new, I have been invited to talk at the Pre-Filled Syringes and Novel Injector Devices conference.  Human factors is a new topic for this annual conference, so I’m pleased to be asked along.

I’ll be sharing my experiences of how humans factor in medical device design, particularly how to “design for usability”, using a successful strategy that I’ve developed with our clients.

As well as this, we’ll be exploring why you should make sure the device is actually safe for its intended use, and how to go about it.

With all the design changes happening as you develop your device, it’s critical to keep traceability between design features, iterations, usability testing results and their impact on the next iteration.  As you get closer to the final device, your approach to these design modifications will change.  At the conference, I’ll be reviewing how to approach design modifications at the different stages of development.

Maybe one or more of these items sound like something you’d be interested in.  Put 17 September in your diary and I’ll see you in Berlin!