We’ve been on a road trip recently, sharing a way of encapsulating the key steps of device development that has been attracting “rave reviews”.

I’d been working for a while (with our team’s input) to turn initial concept sketches into something eye catching, simple and well formed.  Fruits of those labours were unveiled during the road trip, with people grasping the concept very quickly.  Nodding heads and smiling faces were common responses, followed by requests for copies to keep and use.

Last time, I promised to share with you the whole picture.  The picture that knits together the key disciplines of device development.  You might find this familiar and easy to grasp: MDD route map for DeviceUsability

The route-map does three things, it;

1. Describes the journey you’ll embark upon, from a device idea (left) through to launch (right).

2. Sets out the main activities for each of 7 disciplines, through four stages of product development.

3. Identifies the points where there are major interactions between disciplines.

Seven “lines” integral to effective device development are featured;

  • Clinical,
  • Design Development,
  • Human Factors,
  • Project Management,
  • Qualification & Validation,
  • Quality,
  • Risk Management.

You may already see how this picture will be helpful, irrespective of the industry or sector you’re in.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on how you might use it.

If you’re working outside medical devices, how could this route-map be tweaked for your requirements?

Would printed copies (perhaps A2 or larger) be useful?