Eggs play a very important role in a cake mix.

egg cake mix

Photo: Yucel Tellici

Eggs provide some of the structure that holds the cake together.

The yolk makes it richer and better-tasting, softening the texture too. The yolk also helps the other ingredients blend together.

Ever tasted an egg-free cake?


Heavy rain and travel chaos were no barrier to the curious souls who fought their way to the recent Medical Device Innovation Master Class, at Medilink West Midlands. I got caught out last time I travelled to Medilink – what should have been a 1 hour car journey took nearly 3 hours, mostly in Birmingham traffic! So, this time, the train took the strain.


In addition to exploring how Human Factors can best be added to the mix, the panel of experts covered a range of innovation topics, from commercial realities, the value of market research, through to protecting your innovation and the regulatory considerations.


The Human Factors session was my chance to experiment with a different approach. I’d had great fun putting together a session that that jumped away from using power point, a session that painted a vivid picture of the why, how and what if of Human Factors, a story-telling session. My family had been the “willing” guinea pigs for a test to check how it would work.


I showed how to select and crack the right eggs, to help you really understand what users actually need – designing the right device for them. We shone a light on why this is important; for developers, for regulators, for patients, for users. Human Factors is an ingredient that’s intertwined with design engineering activities, design controls and testing.


The Human Factors approach we talked about for was simple and complimented design activities.  We explored questions like “What is human factors research?”, “What does human factors do for me?”, “Why run a usability test?”, “How should I manage risk?”.


People said they now got how Human Factors is at the heart of getting design right for the users. And they got why it’s important to get design right. The simplicity of our approach was appreciated.


As the day’s Master Class wrapped up, delegates prepared to do battle once again with the inclement weather.

And the verdict on my cake mix? The feedback says it all.