Fiona Theobald – Human Factors Director

Fiona is passionate about helping people and their organisations develop medical devices and combination products that meet user needs. In addition to leading Human Factors projects, she has developed Three Circles usability and HF methodologies. Fiona ensures that HF tools and methods are utilised to understand how people interact with the device, identifying the risks that can occur at each step. She is skilled at translating these risks into requirements for Risk Management, so that strong links are forged with Human Factors.

Of particular interest to Fiona is considering Human Factors early in the design process, so users’ needs are incorporated before designs are fixed.

“When you already live with the burden of illness the last thing you want to worry about is how to use your medication, or how to operate a medical device.  Human Factors for me is about applying common sense from another persons perspective.  What is obvious to me is not always obvious to someone else and being able to affect a device design, to make it more useable and more accessible, I find it incredibly rewarding “.

“My work marries the designers desire to create a high end sports car, with the typical user’s desire for a functional family vehicle”

Fiona has more than 20 years of development experience, gained from a range of combination product and medical device projects across Europe and North America

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